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Mindfulness Improves Mental Health for Kids

Mindfulness Improves Mental Health for Kids 0

A regular mindfulness practice can create new pathways in the brain, the more mindfulness is practiced, the more the brain changes, this ability of the brain to change and adapt is called neuroplasticity.

As practicing mindfulness creates new pathways, this result is, improved mental health.

Recent brain imaging techniques have shown positive changes in brain structure after participation in mindfulness, the images show increased blood flow to the cerebral cortex, this area of the brain is linked with attention and emotions, these are extremely important areas for a developing child! 

Think of mindfulness like exercise for the brain! The more often we practice present moment awareness, the more often we can focus on the feeling of our breath and the more often we can let go of thoughts, the greater the positive changes in our brains will be.

Encouraging children to practice mindfulness can be more simple than most people think, simple breathing techniques and listening practices can introduce children to the world of mindfulness and can plant the seeds that develop into strong, healthy. clear and focused minds.

Here is a free guided kids meditation PDF that you can do with kids of any age, try to do this meditation at a time when kids are relaxed, such as before bed time or nap time: Guided Meditation

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Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children 0

I often tell new kids yoga teachers, while teaching a 30 or 45 minute class to kids, allow the class to be filled with fun and play, you only need to plant very small seeds of mindfulness and awareness in children, the seeds that you plant will grow for many years to come and can have a very significant impact on a child's development and their ability to self regulate their emotions, to process big emotions, to calm their nervous system, to let go of anxiety and to experience inner peace.
Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids

Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids 0

Yoga and mindfulness for children is simply a path to inner stillness and inner calm.

When children learn mindfulness, they learn how to connect with the deep inner calm that resides within all of us.

Being able to connect with this deep inner calm is like diving beneath the waves of a stormy, chaotic ocean and swimming deep below the surface where it is still, peaceful and calm.

Mindfulness can help children to reconnect to their deepest, most authentic inner self.

Learning mindfulness can help children to let go of the overwhelming noise and confusion from the world around them and reconnect with themselves, to feel balanced and at ease, to hear the voice of their own heart and to experience a tranquil and peaceful mind.

Children can achieve this by learning very simple breathing techniques, by learning mindfulness activities and by learning how to direct their awareness.

Yoga and mindfulness can be a modern, simple and fun activity for children that will teach them valuable skills for life, mindfulness can help children to develop healthy emotional states and to be able to access a deep inner calm 

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Teaching meditation to kids can seem like an impossible task, children have so much energy, how do we ever get them to be still long enough to experience the benefits of meditation? The answer is rather simple, choose your timing wisely! You may be a parent who would like to teach your own children/child how to meditate or you may be a yoga teacher, school teacher or kindy teacher who would like to teach a class of children how to meditate, either way, the time you choose to teach the children will be the difference between failure and success. If you are teaching your own children meditation, choose a time when the child is naturally beginning to wind down, such as bed time or nap time, these are times when children are often more open to trying relaxation and meditation practices. In schools, kindergartens and kids yoga classes, see if you can find a time after children have released lots of energy, for example, after play time or after games, ensure that children have had plenty to eat and drink and have used the bathroom, this will help to lessen interruptions. When starting out, begin with very short, very simple practices, even a 30 second meditation is long enough to introduce little ones to meditation.

Below is a great kids beginner meditation, when starting out, kids can sit up or lay down, eyes can be closed or half open.

1. Once kids are comfortable sitting up or laying down, let them know that they are going to do a short practice that will help their body and mind to feel calm and relaxed

2. Ask children to place both hands onto their belly

3. Next, ask children to take a big deep breath in through their nose and feel their belly grow big like a balloon

4. Then, ask kids to open their mouth and let all of the air out

5. Do two more of these big breaths in, then out, in then out

6. Next, ask children to just breathe normally now and as they breathe, see if they can still feel their belly, rising and falling, as they breathe – allow children to feel this for around 20-30 seconds, every few seconds remind children to feel their belly, rising and falling as they breathe

7. Then when kids are ready, ask them to slowly open their eyes, it is often fun to let children tell you and their other class mates what they experienced during their meditation

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome 0

Welcome to the Peaceful Babes blog, this will be a space to fill your heart with inspiration for teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids!

Through the articles in this blog I will share everything I know about teaching yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages, if teaching kids is your passion, you are in the right place!

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Here is a little about me:

My name is Jessica and I am the creator or Peaceful Babes. I have been a yoga teacher for over 5 years, teaching kids yoga and mindfulness has always been my deepest passion, it fills my heart with so much joy when I get to plant the seeds of inner wisdom within children. 

I have two children of my own, both girls, they are teenagers now, they are my greatest teachers and the source of so much love and joy in my life.

I look forward to connecting with you here in our kids yoga teacher community!

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