Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids

Health Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids

Yoga and mindfulness for children is simply a path to inner stillness and inner calm.

When children learn mindfulness, they learn how to connect with the deep inner calm that resides within all of us.

Being able to connect with this deep inner calm is like diving beneath the waves of a stormy, chaotic ocean and swimming deep below the surface where it is still, peaceful and calm.

Mindfulness can help children to reconnect to their deepest, most authentic inner self.

Learning mindfulness can help children to let go of the overwhelming noise and confusion from the world around them and reconnect with themselves, to feel balanced and at ease, to hear the voice of their own heart and to experience a tranquil and peaceful mind.

Children can achieve this by learning very simple breathing techniques, by learning mindfulness activities and by learning how to direct their awareness.

Yoga and mindfulness can be a modern, simple and fun activity for children that will teach them valuable skills for life, mindfulness can help children to develop healthy emotional states and to be able to access a deep inner calm 

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  • Jessica Fleming
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