Mindfulness Improves Mental Health for Kids

Mindfulness Improves Mental Health for Kids

A regular mindfulness practice can create new pathways in the brain, the more mindfulness is practiced, the more the brain changes, this ability of the brain to change and adapt is called neuroplasticity.

As practicing mindfulness creates new pathways, this result is, improved mental health.

Recent brain imaging techniques have shown positive changes in brain structure after participation in mindfulness, the images show increased blood flow to the cerebral cortex, this area of the brain is linked with attention and emotions, these are extremely important areas for a developing child! 

Think of mindfulness like exercise for the brain! The more often we practice present moment awareness, the more often we can focus on the feeling of our breath and the more often we can let go of thoughts, the greater the positive changes in our brains will be.

Encouraging children to practice mindfulness can be more simple than most people think, simple breathing techniques and listening practices can introduce children to the world of mindfulness and can plant the seeds that develop into strong, healthy. clear and focused minds.

Here is a free guided kids meditation PDF that you can do with kids of any age, try to do this meditation at a time when kids are relaxed, such as before bed time or nap time: Guided Meditation

To learn more about teaching yoga to kids and to access all of our guided meditations, enroll in our online course and become a certified kids yoga teacher today: Online Course


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